Thursday, October 7, 2010

Working and kids

I forgot how hard it is to try and work again and have kids. I don't have a set schedule yet so I'm trying to rely onm y family and find last minute babysitters. I don't make enough at this job to even consider finding a real babysitter or daycare. I don't even make enough at this job to even go in but I kind of like it. I wonder if babysitters these days wouldn't mind getting paid in Trident layers like on the commercials. I'll try it. The money I make right now isn't worth being away from my kids or the hassle of finding someone to watch them. I kind of like it though if I made a dollar more i would probably consider staying. I'm looking into a night job right now though and if I get that try it out and make enough money I'm sadly going to quit this one. My baby spent 2 nights at my grandmas and I missed him too much. I miss sending my 5 year old off to school and making sure he's dressed and does his homework and snack. The teacher doesn't know what's going on and I feel if that stuff isn't done right it looks bad on me. I think she already doesn't like me cause I'm a younger mom. What can you do though? I'm just going to try and deal with things he best I can and take it day to day.


Ashley said...

That's the hardest part about working, it's hard to make enough money to make childcare worth it. Good luck to you!

Mayra Calvani said...

Hi from one mommy blogger to another.

I just followed. Would you follow back?

PS: Nice blog! :-)

Vivobello said...

It sucks being away from your kids, but you're doing what you need to do to take care of them. That's totally something to be proud of!

Debbie said...

I clean and take my kids with me..

Dianne_momstuff said...

Good luck with the new schedule. You will figure it out. This is a really hard times. Your Blog has been awarded "One Lovely Blog Award from to get your button and see how to pass it on.

Sockoes said...

I'm you new follower, love your blog. The best job is to be able to see your kids grow and be there for them. It is also the most rewarding job. If you can stay at home with your kids you very lucky, enjoy your time with your kids, they grow way too fast. Keep writting you are a good writter and I enjoy your blog.

Money Saving Mommy said...

I just found you blog at MBC and now following you! You have a great blog.

Jessica said...

I am blog hopping today and decided to stop by your blog.

It is hard to work with kids...I quit my outside of the home job recently because it just didn't pay me enough to was just extra money and when I had to drive over 30 minutes to go in part-time then 30 minutes again back...WOW!

Hope you will stop by and follow either or both of my blogs.

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