Thursday, October 7, 2010

Working and kids

I forgot how hard it is to try and work again and have kids. I don't have a set schedule yet so I'm trying to rely onm y family and find last minute babysitters. I don't make enough at this job to even consider finding a real babysitter or daycare. I don't even make enough at this job to even go in but I kind of like it. I wonder if babysitters these days wouldn't mind getting paid in Trident layers like on the commercials. I'll try it. The money I make right now isn't worth being away from my kids or the hassle of finding someone to watch them. I kind of like it though if I made a dollar more i would probably consider staying. I'm looking into a night job right now though and if I get that try it out and make enough money I'm sadly going to quit this one. My baby spent 2 nights at my grandmas and I missed him too much. I miss sending my 5 year old off to school and making sure he's dressed and does his homework and snack. The teacher doesn't know what's going on and I feel if that stuff isn't done right it looks bad on me. I think she already doesn't like me cause I'm a younger mom. What can you do though? I'm just going to try and deal with things he best I can and take it day to day.