Wednesday, September 22, 2010


It's my new word. My son has such believability it amazes me. He believes in everything. Santa the Easter bunny, most of all God. I haven't been to church when I was little well high school around maybe and I have gone maybe twice with my son. He believes in God so much though it amazes me. He asks me a million questions and he loves God. Truly. My husbands grandmother passes away March of this year and I think that's where this all began. He believes she is in heaven just having a great time. He prays when he is being bad and asks God to forgive him and he always misses his grandmother. I'm glad he has such believability in things. I wish as an adult i could have that for myself. My parents told me when I was in kindergarten that santa wasn't real and as a kid that wasn't fun. I got in trouble in my kindergarten class and had to sit outside my classroom door when I told the class santa wasn't real. a child in my opinion should not have to go through that. It's great for a child to believe and have imagination being so young. They have the rest of their lives to be grown ups. My aunt is Christian as well and they have told their children that santa is not real. Their children have tried to convince my son that he is not real but he will fight them tooth and nail that he is. And so will I. I know a lot of people do not agree on this issue and do not expect everyone too. this is my way and my way only and do not judge others for theirs. I consider myself a Christian even though I do not go to church every Sunday, read the bible everyday, and I do forget to pray. Things I need to work on, but nonetheless I believe in God. I am amazed at how much my son does and is happy for his grandmother for being with God. It was her birthday yesterday and my husband, his mom and his sister all got tattoos in rememberance of her. They are Catholic and Irish.
He was very excited about it and it mean a lot to him. I hope my son keeps his believability for a long time. I know eventually he will grow up and learn the truth and slowly it will be diminish. I just hope he keeps some of it. For his hopes and his dreams and in people and life. He is 5, but he is an old soul and growing so fast. It brought a tear to my eye watching him talk to his grandma. He knows she is watching out for him and I hope he continue to talks to her all the time and has someone to tell his secrets to.


Ashley said...

So so sweet!

BirdyJenn said...

You know you dont have to go to Church everyday to be a Christian. Its a wonderful place for other Christians to reach out to one another and worship together but its not going to be what saves you a seat in Heaven. Your faith and love and devotion is whats gonna getcha there. :)) <3

Truthful Mommy said...

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Weight Loss Mother said...

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Lauren E said...

I agree with BirdyJenn, I was raised Christian and went to catholic school, church every morning before school, then also every Sunday. Church is great for a connection, but I no longer believe I need to be active every day to feel close to a higher power.
I really like your blog, glad I found it on mom bloggers. If you could follow my mommy blog back it would be much appreciated.

Sharina said...

Awww so sweet! And I agree with BirdyJenn as well. Your personal relationship and devotion to God is what determines your salvation, though church is a great way to connect with other shouldn't feel like its a chore and have to go, but WANT to go and fellowship.

My dad is a pastor, and before he became one when I was little, we didn't go to church every Sunday, though we did try and go when we could. The "church" is just a building. One of my favorite quotes is "Going to church doesn't make you any more than a Christian than going to the garage makes you a car. "

LOL so now that I practically wrote a post...this was really sweet. My kids still believe in santa claus and I am going to let them enjoy it for as long as they can!

Kitten said...

Awww, that is so sweet. Almost had a tear in my eye too, reading your post.

Scarlet of Moms Wear Your Tees. com said...

You know reading your post was very moving.
I remember once I asked someone how they could believe in God so firmly without any doubt and he told me that when he was very small his mom and dad told him about God and he believed them. He never questioned it. Amazing to me.

The Scrappin Mammaw said...

Great post! I wish we all had some that magical believeabilty from our childhood!
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Hope Ford said...

Hey :) I'm a new follower from simply follow :) I love the tattoo - it's beautiful! What a precious story of your son :)

GossamerJewelBox said...

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Your son sounds sweet and very close to God. Good for him.

and KUDOS on letting your kid believe in Santa Claus. I didn't find out the 'truth' until 5th grade. I was 10. And I'm so glad my parents let me do that. All around me I find that parents choose not to let their kids believe in him. And that's sad to me. My kids believe, and they also believe in Christ. It doesn't have to be one or the other. we tie santa in to the real christmas story, and it works well.

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JaelCustomDesigns said...

I agree with you whole heatedly!

I have four children ages 14, 12, 10, and 2! The older children know the truth about Santa, the tooth fairy etc, But, we all cater to the baby!

He'll believe theirs a Santa and tooth fairy etc. I did for the older ones when they were younger so why wouldn't I do it for the baby.

Your son is sweet and it's amazing when it seems as though they've been here before (old soul) full of wisdom and say and do things that just amaze us.

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