Monday, September 27, 2010


funny video
Click on the link to watch this funny video on why moms can't make mommy friends. It is so true it's funny. Some moms are definitely like that. I don't understand that. I don't agree maybe with the ways some moms do thing but I don't take it personally to them. I do things differently from some as well and would hope they don't hold it against me. I took this from another friend's blog cause it hit home. Someone may have been raised differently than you or informed diffferently than you. I take it as an opportunity to learn new things and see their point of view. i may not agree but learning something new everyday keeps your mind working and keeps you open minded. I try to be the least judgemental person. I have been judge wrongly and know how it feels. So has everyone at some point I'm sure and that's why I don't understand how some people can still be so judgemental and argue to the death about things. People are not always going to se eye to eye. Accept them for the person they are or just leave them be. There's no point in getting nasty or arguing about something someone believes in. They are not going to change and neither are you. I wish moms would be more supportive and understanding instead of saying how someone or something is wrong. To share your point of view is one thing to argue tooth and nail is another. So, in taking my own advice I am going to try today and be more positive and supportive. Supportive


Ashley said...

It makes me crazy how judgmental mom's can be! Parenting is sooo hard, we all make the best decisions that we can and that work for us.

Melanie said...

Parenting is ooo hard! You know I moved away from my entire family, and had my kids, so I had really no one to help me or give me the heads up as a brand new mom. While I am no expert (as no one can be)after 4 kids, I have learned that as mom I am open to advice but not someones finger pointing out things I'm doing wrong. I try to remember than while talking to other Moms. The same thing I tell my kids, if you wouldn't like it, no one else would either, just don't do it.
Following from MBC :)

Kimmama said...

Oh my gosh - I have seriously heard moms talking like this! I always try to avoid sounding like this if at all possible. There are 100 ways to raise your kids. :)